Which Open Frame Touch Screen is Best For Your Business?

open frame touch screen

If you’re in the market for a touch screen for your business, you’ve probably come across open frame touch screens. Open frame touch monitors, also known as multi-touch screen displays, are designed to be integrated into your business’s design without being unsightly. Manufacturers such as AnyTouch and Horsent make open frame touchscreen monitors with excellent touch experiences and easy integration. However, which one is the best option for your business?

GVison’s K08AS

If you are looking for an 8″ touchscreen monitor for kiosk or retail use, look no further than the GVison K08AS open frame touch screen monitor. Available in a variety of sizes, this versatile unit can be used as a standalone display or integrated into a kiosk enclosure. Thanks to its rugged all-metal chassis, it is simple to install and integrate. Its versatile mounting options include front, rack, and VESA mounting.

faytech’s OFU133BRUA

With the addition of 10 points of multitouch, faytech’s OFU131BRUA Open Frame Touch Screen Monitors are ideal for OEM applications, kiosks, and control panels. The versatile design allows for mounting on almost any surface. In addition, the unit is lightweight and has a metal housing for durability and protection. It also comes with a full range of standard connections, including HDMI, DVI, VGA, and serial.

The OFU133BRUA open frame touch screen has many advantages, such as high brightness and low power consumption. Its optically bonded touch panel improves stability, reduces reflection, and increases perceived brightness. It also resists dust particles, ensuring improved visibility in bright environments. Open frame touch screens have 100k hours of backlight lifetime. In addition to these advantages, they are extremely lightweight and easy to integrate into systems and mount at various locations.

Caltron’s K08AS

With its compact size and ease of integration, Caltron’s K08AS open frame touchscreen is well-suited for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. These versatile displays can be found in a range of locations from vending machines to ATMs. They are also suitable for use in avionics and gaming machines. To learn more about the K08AS and how to get one, read on.

The K08AS is an 8″ kiosk solution that can either be used as a standalone display or integrated into a kiosk enclosure. The all-metal chassis of the display makes integration into a kiosk enclosure simple. Its rugged design allows it to withstand the wear and tear of industrial environments. This product is easy to install and maintain and is compatible with most popular operating systems. Designed for high-end kiosks, the K08AS is suitable for both retail and commercial applications.

Keetouch’s 15″ open frame touch screen

Using an SAW touch screen technology, Keetouch’s 15″ open frame LCD monitors are the perfect solution for various projects. The sturdy frame protects the LCD screen from mechanical impact, and the monitor’s SAW touch screen technology allows for easy integration with a variety of equipment. The 15″ open frame model has a choice of vertical or horizontal mounting. Keetouch’s 15″ open frame touch screen comes with mounting holes for ease of installation.

The Elo 1598L 15″ open-frame touchscreen display offers a slim, narrow-frame design and energy-saving LED backlight. The display delivers a wide viewing angle and features low-temperature operation. Its versatile display is great for commercial kiosk applications. Its extended operating temperature range can withstand 50 C. Its 15-inch size makes it ideal for a wide variety of applications, including industrial and OEM environments.