We Need to Build Up Rural Communities

It’s the American dream to find reliable Internet service that doesn’t reach steeply into their wallets. Rural customers are often left in the dark without broadband Internet access due to a lack of a digital infrastructure. It can be costly to dig, lay and bury the lines necessary to deliver access to both cable television and digital Internet. Even cheaper Hughes Net prices will inevitably carry a high cost initially. With low populations in most rural communities the service providers have deemed it unprofitable to build the necessary network leaving individual residents to pay for the costs of establishing a line to the home. Is this fair? I’m on the fence about the subject.

I believe that all people deserve to have convenient access to the web. It’s too important of a modern utility to deny poor or rural family with the same advantages that the rest of the nation has at their disposal. With online classes becoming more popular and even free universities establishing a name for themselves with quality educational content, being able to learn a trade such as programming is becoming easier than it ever has. We haven’t yet done away with diplomas but students can attain a certificate of completion in their chosen class for a variety of useful computer skills.

This can open so many doors for those who are hindered by poor education access. Rural communities can often struggle with funding their schools with modern facilities and books. Children are left behind due to a simple lack of money which can limit their personal options as they grow older. Many choose not to continue on to college. A community is successful only when new ideas are introduced to it but without encouragement to take chances or to even educate themselves further there will be little progress made.

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