How Photo Booth Rentals Are Changing Today

photo booth rental

If you are planning a corporate event or some other get together, consider a photo booth rental. A photo booth rental is an inexpensive way to provide instant fun and keep guests entertained. These fun activities can be used for weddings, promotional events, company get togethers, school trips or any other gathering that calls for a little fun. Photo booths are perfect because they serve a double purpose-giving your guests something to remember your gathering and delivering a unique take home favor as well.

A photo booth rental offers many perks for any event. First, every rental package comes complete with a set of photo props and backdrops. Whether you rent the props separately or have them included in the package, these props include everything you need to create a setting that will make your guests feel at home. Depending on the type of event, these backdrops can be anything from a simple flower garden to a cityscape to something as exotic as a safari environment. They also come in all shapes and sizes-from tiny pinwheels to towering cityscapes. The props are completely customizable, and are even available in colors that blend in with your decorations.

With many photo booth rentals, you can also enjoy open air concerts. Open air concerts allow your guests to be in the spotlight while enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of the outdoors. This makes for a more authentic experience, especially if your concert is taking place in an outdoor area like at the beach, in a field or in a city. Depending on the venue, open air concerts can start late afternoon and go until midnight, so be aware of your party’s time requirements. Most locations require that your concert take place at least one hour before show time.

The cost of your photo booth rental depends on what type of setup you decide to use and how extensive your photo booth system is. Some packages include custom backdrops with their supplies, which can be a great way to customize your set up for each event. Custom backdrops can include everything from a palm tree to an enormous fireworks display. The price of your photo booth rental will vary depending on how extensive your system is and what types of props you select.

If your main goal is to encourage social media engagement for your business events, then a photo booth is absolutely essential. While most booths provide booth rentals, they also have stands that you can rent and a system that feeds into social media during the event. This setup allows your guests to post photos on their pages within minutes after they arrive at your event.

Most rental companies also offer enclosed photo booths. These can come in all shapes and sizes, but most are rather small. Most enclosures are not permanent, but many companies choose to rent them for several months to let your business visitors leave with lasting memories. You can also rent them for weddings or other events. Enclosed rentals are more expensive, but they have more space to accommodate your photos and video and they can be much more functional and secure than some other booths.

Most rental companies now offer a number of package options, including hourly rates and time periods for rent. Their standard hourly rate is $10 per hour, but many offer multiple hour periods at different prices. They range in price anywhere from fifty cents per hour to four dollars per hour, with many offering a free start up kit. For larger events, many companies also offer three hours at a price that is less than their full daily rate. Most three hour packages last anywhere from one to three hours.

While many companies provide only standard props, many provide a wide selection of pre-made, ready to use props, and even some that are handmade for a slightly higher price. If you are using social media to market your business, you will want to ensure that the props you rent are compatible with all the platforms your guests will be using. If you provide your own props, you may find that guests are more likely to use them and give you more exposure, so be sure to ask what types of props you need. For standard photos, most photo booth companies provide background sticks, blankets, pillows, and other items that can be used with your photos. These items are not only unique, but they can also be personalized to make them more unique and memorable to each person. Many also rent stencils and balloons to add an extra touch.