Digital Cooler Doors For Retail Stores

Anheuser Busch refrigeration brands are recognized the world over for the quality of their products and services. Partnering with Aria to utilize its Aerwave technology platform to handle digital content across the network of Arian’s more than 1,000 digital coolers in retail outlets is a very effective and convenient touch point for reaching out to consumers. A combination of intuitive technology and highly advanced software allows Atera to manage all aspects of digital media from digital signage to point-of-sale displays at the level of brand and product familiarity desired by the brand and its affiliates.

digital cooler

Aeromechanical and digital cooler doors provide a streamlined sales presentation for point-of-sale (POS) displays that are optimized for touch screen use. These types of displays have integrated electronic displays (EDS) that respond to touch or visual cues such as when a customer activates the glass doors with a stylus. By responding to the action, the glass doors can be opened and closed. These types of doors can also track inventory levels, initiate order completion, and trigger other menu functions.

In addition to facilitating secure, touch screen operation, electronic display panels for digital coolers can also track product level information for a fast and easy reference. This type of information enables point of sale vendors to successfully integrate purchases and orders by different personnel. A scalable system that manages multiple digital coolers with integrated electronic display panels will provide a dynamic electronic display network that will allow for quick and easy integration of digital cooler purchases with all the other information needed by vendors to facilitate their sales process.

Touch-screen digital cooler doors provide a comprehensive solution that can be customized to include all the desired features and functions for a smooth shopping experience. Customization options include the size and shape of the digital display panels, which can be tailored to accommodate different product sizes and designs. The interior hardware can also be designed to accommodate different exterior hardware options. The exterior of these doors can be finished to resemble standard factory installed doors. These doors are manufactured to include tamper-proof sealant systems and can be made from high-quality steel.

With in-store shopping experiences becoming more dependent on touch-screen capabilities, it is important to ensure that consumers can quickly and easily locate and make purchases at checkout. Touch screen digital cooler doors offer a large variety of designs that are compatible with many types of ERP software programs. When purchasing a touch screen door display system for your store, it is important to consider purchasing from a vendor that offers a full guarantee on installation. Most often these guarantee programs will provide installation services after the initial purchase. These warranties will help protect against manufacturing defects and guarantee optimal performance. These warranties will also allow the business owner to choose from a variety of display panels including standard matte displays, gloss displays, digital displays, LED digital displays, and LED digital displays.

Many businesses utilize in-store digital merchandising displays to reach key demographic markets such as senior citizens, seniors, children, and families. These durable, touch screen digital screens can be customized to show a wide selection of products while minimizing wasted space. These durable, long lasting, and energy efficient display panels are available in a number of sizes, colors, and configurations.

ERP software can also be incorporated into these new digital coolers to enable inventory control, increased product variety, improved customer service, and better overall product quality. This ERP software will create and maintain in-store databases that contain sales information for every product on the shelf. The database can be used to generate sales reports, build up shelving, and track the location of product by department.

Digital refrigerators, dispensers, and new digital merchandising displays help to increase sales and expand profit margins for many retail stores. In addition to reaching targeted demographic markets, these electronic display panels improve productivity, attract customers, and encourage impulse purchases. Digital displays and other technologies are continually being improved. When choosing new doors or screens for your business, keep in mind the purpose of the display.