Why Use Flexible Packaging?

Packaging is an art, science and technology of protecting or enclosing goods for safekeeping, storage, distribution, display, and usage. The term packaging has various other meanings, depending on the context in which it is used. For instance, in the legal field, packaging can refer to records that show the chain of custody for a product, or to a signed document confirming the sale of certain items. In the business setting, packaging can refer to a method of identifying products by their packaging and labelling. Additionally, packaging is used to identify the age of a product, to ensure quality control, to allow manufacturers to offer guarantees, and to allow consumers to know what they are buying.


Packaging industry professionals commonly use four main types of packaging: tub packs, cylinder packs, loose wrap and shrink wrap. Tubes and cylindrical packs are manufactured in rolls similar to sheet materials. Shrink wrap and loose wrap both consist of individual boxes stacked one above the other in an unfolding process. Finally, cartons (also known as boxes) are constructed from a combination of these four types of packaging.

One of the most important aspects of packaging is the material used. The basic components of packaging means that the outer surface should be rough and non-porous, while the inner surface should be smooth and slippery. Printed materials are the best option for advertising since they are easily seen and understood. However, some customers may be turned off by advertisements that are too colorful or include unusual shapes. As an alternative to bright advertisements, manufacturers may use black and white text or a simple logo.

Prior to packaging, all loose and packaged goods must be cleaned, sorted and sanitized. This will make them ready for being transported or stored. Prior to preparing goods for shipping, it is important to prepare packaging material such as boxes and tapes. The most common packaging material used before shipping is packaging tape, which helps in covering and securing the product so that it does not break down along the way.

There are two other important roles played by packaging in the retail market. First, packaging plays an important role in protecting the goods during transportation. Most goods are shipped in transit with their packing intact. However, during storage at the factory, many packaging materials such as foam, cardboard and foam inserts may get damaged. Therefore, it is important to store these products separately, especially foam inserts.

Second, the packaging also plays an important role in enhancing the brand value of a product. Packaging plays an essential role in making the consumer feel comfortable about purchasing the product. Studies have shown that the aesthetic appearance of packaging material plays an important role in encouraging the purchase of a product by the consumer. Therefore, it is important to choose the ideal packing materials as per the optimal design and color combination.

Good packaging does more than provide protection and aesthetic appearance. It also helps in reducing the environmental impact. Today, it is evident that packaging can have a direct impact on the energy consumption and the carbon footprint of a product. A well-designed packaging will reduce the production of waste and the consumption of valuable raw materials. As a result, the overall environmental impact is reduced and the carbon footprint of a product can also be reduced.

The consumer needs to understand how different plastics packaging material to perform specific tasks and their advantages over others. Flexible packaging is a popular choice for many businesses and households. However, it can also cause problems if used without proper planning. It helps in reducing the weight of goods and also makes them easily transportable without any damage. In addition, a perfect package with proper packing reduces logistics costs significantly. It is therefore, important to choose the right plastic packaging material, as per the optimal design and color combination.