We Wanted a Three Bedroom Apartment

I am a single mother raising two teenage girls. They are 15 year old twins. They are eerily similar in so many ways, but they are distinctively different as well. They share an amazing bond, yet they are their own individual persons too. That is why I have always wanted them to have their own bedrooms, which has not always been possible. When we were forced to move so I could take on a new job, I really hoped that I would be able to find three bedroom apartments in Hattiesburg Mississippi.

I went online and did a search just for that alone, and I was really surprised with one of the results. I figured if I was able to find a three bedroom apartment, that the rooms would be small and the girls would still need to share a bathroom. I absolutely was not expecting to find the three bedroom apartment with three bathrooms that I did. If that was not perfect enough, the apartment also has a large living and dining room, an amazing kitchen, a huge patio, more storage than we have ever had, and it even has a washer and dryer as well.

I thought that I would need to pinch myself to make sure that I was not dreaming about this. My bedroom even has a walk in closet. That is something I thought the girls would want too, but they are so happy that they each have their very own bathroom. Also, the closets in their room are not shabby, which helps. The patio is right off the living room, and each girl has a bedroom on either side of the living room. This helps them so much since they are right across the room from one another but still have their own personal space too. Moving is usually hard, but we were all looking forward to it this time!