Kiosk – What Is It?

When it comes to kiosk placement, there are many factors to consider, such as placement, ease of use and return on investment. Kiosk placement is usually the last step in the development process for any kiosk project. Although this can be a stressful time, the importance of each kiosk is often underestimated.


A kiosk often refers to a temporary, stand alone kiosk used in highly-visited places for advertising purposes. Kiosks are usually small kiosks placed in highly-visited areas. They display information like coupons or maps, and usually contain a touch screen to provide information, or interact with the public. Many kiosks have additional features such as video displays and payment systems.

Kiosk placement determines the amount of foot traffic to a location and therefore determines how much revenue a business will reap from these kiosks. Kiosk designs come in different types and offer different types of interactive experiences for customers. Different types of information kiosks provide different types of information to customers. Some kiosks screen local TV listings while others offer news, weather and other media feeds.

Kiosk kiosks that screen local information typically cost less than kiosks that provide access to national and international media. In highly-visited areas kiosks that display media feeds may also be successful. Many kiosks offer the ability to browse through digital signage to choose what’s of interest. This type of kiosk is most effective in low-priced or low-trafficked areas such as retail stores, airports and department stores. The cost per view in these locations is significantly lower than at higher traffic locations. In some cases a flat-screen kiosk at a department store will be less expensive than an interactive kiosk at the local bowling alley.

Photo kiosks display images taken by customers using hand-held devices. Photo kiosks also are used to display scanned cards that provide the customer with access to their favorite restaurants, gas stations, movie theatres or other businesses. Photo kiosks are a great way to increase customer base since they do not require the same amount of foot traffic. The price per photo is typically lower than that of a standard kiosk. Kiosk displays are also found at airports, bus stations and retail stores.

Kiosk stands-alone kiosks refer to kiosks that are intended for easy access by other people and can be stand-alone or mounted to a fixed structure. Kiosk designs must meet certain requirements that allow it to stand-alone in certain environments. Kiosk designs may include wireless connection for added functionality. Kiosk services are provided through companies that specialize in kiosk design and installation.