I Found a Great Place to Move into After Moving Up at Work

The apartment that I live in now is one that I have lived in for five years. I first moved in because the rent was really cheap and it fit the small salary I got at my job. But since then, I’ve moved up salary-wise, and I was ready for a new place. I had been looking for places to rent when I came across and noticed that I really liked the way the place looked.

But beyond looks, I needed some great amenities. The place I lived in for so long was pretty much barebones, and I wanted a place that had some extras that I could not previously afford.

This place is really beautiful. It looks high end, but when I looked at the prices for the apartment units themselves, I was really surprised to see that the prices were not high end prices! They offer two bedroom apartments for under $900 per month, and which was a lot less than some other places in my area were asking for.

The place is fully gated and you have to have a card to get into the gate. This pleased me for security reasons. They have a basketball court that is indoors, and I love to play with my buddies. They even have a place to wash your car on the property, which seems to be a rarity at other places. They had photos of their clubhouse online, which looked perfect for me to have get-togethers in with friends and family.

I worried that they would not have any available apartments, but when I called, they had three of them in my price range. I was able to fill out the application easily online and submit it. Later that day they called to say that I had already been approved and could move in within only weeks.