Different Types of Packaging for Different Industries in Jacksonville

Packaging in Jacksonville serves a number of essential purposes. It can showcase ingredients or nutritional data while simultaneously serving as an advertising vehicle and branding asset.

Packaging may also help protect products during transport or storage; for instance, household goods require bubble wrap and cardboard boxes as protection measures.

Industrial Crates & Trays

Industrial packaging serves to secure and protect products before they reach consumers, from drums to bulk bins, plastic crates and cardboard boxes. Industrial packaging may also serve as secondary consumer packaging such as store shelf displays with brand boxes or contain products for food service, retail sales or manufacturing industries.

Plastic industrial crates offer many advantages over their cardboard counterparts when it comes to shipping or storage: they’re more weatherproof, reduce waste, save space and cut labor costs significantly.

Plastic crates are ideal for storing bakery items such as breads and rolls. Their lightweight construction makes them easy to handle, nestable to 76% to reduce transportation costs and come equipped with attached lids and hand holes for easier handling. Alison Handling offers a selection of plastic crates and trays suitable for many different applications.

Food & Beverage Packaging

Food packaging is designed to protect, preserve, transport, present and add value to food products such as beverages and related products. Crafted from materials like glass, plastics, paper and wood – such as containers such as cups, pouches and bags as well as boxes, blister packs and tubes – food packaging plays a significant role in protecting the contents while transporting and presenting these goods for sale.

Manufacturers are turning to shelf-ready design for food and beverage packaging to make it easier for retailers to stock them, as well as to reduce wasteful packaging material usage. Packaging in various styles and sizes are available to meet specific purposes such as aseptic packages for dairy products that need to be kept sterile; special features like QR codes or website addresses with digital content/offers may even help build brand loyalty while showing commitment to sustainability and quality in new ways.

Industrial Plastic Drums

Plastic drums provide safe and long-term packaging solutions for chemical industries, providing resistance against solvents, acids and alkalis, constant handling and general exposure – driving an impressive market for industrial drums.

Industry drums are expected to drive growth in the market over time due to their widespread usage in petrochemical, fertilizer and petroleum lubricant production industries. Furthermore, increased trade activities between nations for oil and gas production is fuelling this expansion as well.

Industrial drums come equipped with different kinds of lids. Lever locks are a popular option, featuring designs that allow for slow release of their metal latch. A bolt seal features a small bracket on the inside circle which slides over and under a handle before being pushed against it for tight sealing. Suppliers offer designing, labeling, products sourcing and warehouse services as well.

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Retail Packaging

Retail packaging is an integral component of the retail industry. It shapes product presentations and increases brand influence by being strategically placed within stores, while simultaneously creating customer relationships through strategic placement of such packages. Packaging design may incorporate innovative structural designs and high-quality printing, becoming part of customer experiences and elevating the customer journey.

Consumers appreciate convenience, and packaging plays a pivotal role. It makes products easier to carry and handle while providing information such as precautions or pricing on them. Retail packaging experts can assist in selecting an optimal type of packaging solution for your company and products.

Packaging designed with sturdy materials and featuring an appealing aesthetic can ensure that products arrive undamaged, and leave an impressive first impression with customers. Plus, their experience will inspire them to share it online with family and friends – expanding your reach exponentially!