Custom Industrial Touch Screen Monitors

industrial touch screen monitor

Xenarc Technologies offers custom industrial touch screen monitors. We have covered Capacitive touchscreens, Surface Acoustic Wave touchscreens, and Optical bonding technology to enhance display contrast and image clarity. If you have any specific requirements, we can assist you with the design and customization of your industrial touch screen monitor. Let us explain what we mean by customization in a little more detail. We also discuss why custom industrial touch screen monitors are necessary for your business and how these touch screens can benefit your business.

Capacitive touchscreens provide good image clarity

When comparing resistive and capacitive touch screen monitors, capacitive touchscreens are the clear winner. Capacitive touchscreens offer better image clarity and durability. They are also more resistant to liquids and surface contaminants. However, they are susceptible to radio frequency and electromagnetic interference. Here are the main advantages of capacitive touchscreens:

Capacitive touchscreens provide good image clarity and are durable, making them a great choice for industrial touch screen monitors. They have no moving parts or front coatings, making them remarkably long-lasting. This durability means that your industrial touch screen monitors are unlikely to encounter issues on a regular basis, like wear and tear. This means that the function of your touchscreen will remain essentially the same.

Both capacitive and IR touch screen monitors have excellent image clarity, but the former has some drawbacks. Water droplets can cause the touch sensor to trigger incorrectly, while solid impurities can cause non-touch zones. In addition, the IR touch screen monitor does not require an additional screen. It works by creating an invisible grid of light beams across the screen. An object that interrupts an invisible IR beam can trigger a sensor to determine the contact site. Once the sensor detects the contact point, it sends the controller the X and Y coordinates of the touch source.

Surface Acoustic Wave touchscreens offer high visibility

A surface acoustic wave touch screen is an advanced type of touch input technology that provides easy operation and high visibility. The device works by using precise speeds and inaudible acoustic waves. It uses a glass plate with X and Y transmitting transducers and corresponding receiving transducers at its two opposite corners. A powdered glass reflector array is printed on the surface. When a user touches the screen, he or she perturbs the acoustic surface wave that travels through the area of touch.

SAW touchscreens provide excellent visibility thanks to their unique design. One glass layer makes them structurally tough and resist dust, grease, and moisture. A D Metro company manufactures high-quality and durable SAW touchscreen kits. The kits include a controller, USB interface, and RS232 port. Besides being low-priced, these kits are easy to install and use. They also come with all the necessary hardware and cables to ensure that the touchscreen works perfectly.

Optical bonding technology improves display contrast

Optical bonding technology improves the display contrast of industrial touch screen monitors by eliminating the air gap that typically exists between the front glass and the LCD sensor. The process also minimizes reflections, increasing the overall performance of the monitor. It also reduces weight, which is important for industrial environments where the display must be mounted on a mobile work surface. Optical bonding reduces the need for expensive coatings, resulting in a more durable industrial touch screen monitor.

Optical bonding reduces internal reflections between the LCD module and the top cover glass, eliminating the glare caused by external light. This technology also improves display contrast by absorbing light and reducing backlight brightness. It also improves the display’s structural integrity, maintaining perfect display uniformity. It also provides unrestricted humidity protection and prevents fogging due to trapped moisture. Furthermore, it is a cheaper option than traditional laminated glass or acrylic, which may cause distortions.

Xenarc Technologies offers customization services for industrial touch screen monitors

Xenarc Technologies builds a variety of industrial display monitors for a variety of industries. These touchscreens are ruggedized, sunlight-readable, and have a variety of inputs, including VGA, HDMI, and AV. In addition, Xenarc also offers service and ongoing support for all of their industrial touch screen solutions. Customization is available for both single and multi-touch systems, and many of the monitors can be customized to meet the exact specifications of your applications.

Industrial touch screen monitors are an important component of many production processes, and therefore they must meet stringent hygiene and impermeability standards. Ingress protection standards must be extremely high and products must withstand corrosive materials and high temperatures. Therefore, customization is essential to ensure a long-term solution. Customization of industrial touch screen monitors is a vital process for any manufacturer, and Xenarc Technologies can help you get the right solution for your company.